Blogging has been sparse while I am restoring all my files on my new hard drive. The process is nearing completion…

-Monty is now a Canadian Champion! We were at dog shows all weekend in Trenton and he did well.
-I haven’t seen the cat or its kitties for almost 2 weeks. I don’t know what happened to them.
-our new wood stove is now installed! We haven’t had time to do a test burn yet – by the weekend we’re supposed to have 5-6 °C at night so maybe we’ll fire it up!
-our gas prices here in Nova Scotia are regulated and the price only changes on Thursday night at midnight. Well this weekend they took the liberties to jack the price way up in response to rising prices across the country due to Hurricane Ike. It’s now at 1.44. Now that the rest of the country’s gas prices are falling back down, of course we’ll be ripped off for the rest of the week at 1.44
-speaking of being ripped off – Nova Scotia Power is hiking our power rates 9.4% this year. Living here in Nova Scotia is so much more expensive than Ontario.

I’ve got tons of photos to get up here still – they are currently being restored from my hard drive backup so soon I can get back to photo blogging!