The kitties are back! They haven’t been here for 2 weeks. But one of the kittens isn’t with them. :'( The shorter haired one with white paws is gone. I hope he didn’t suffer.

Jeff fed them before I got home, and then I fed them some more. They were hungry little cuties! I put out some clean water for them too. I wish they were tame so I could play with them, but they are not. They watch us through the door though and they have staring contests with Monty.

On another note, when I was eating lunch today I noticed my food wasn’t going down very easily. Within a couple hours my tonsils were so sore and I felt sickish. Now that I’m home Jeff shone his flashlight in and discovered I have big white fuzzies on my tonsils AGAIN. This is year 3 of this. So I attacked it right away with salted water. That really helped last winter to keep them under control. I wish my tonsils were removed when I was little!