I just happened to look outside in the dark and noticed Momma cat on the driveway with a mouse hanging out of her mouth. She came up on the front deck and sat here for a few minutes. What a good momma bringing her babies a mouse. She cut them loose over a week ago. I wonder if this was the first time she came to check on them. I teared up :'(

I wonder how much it is to spay cats. We should probably use one of those live traps to spay her and release her back outside so we don’t have to rescue kitties every year. I think she might have been someone’s pet once – she isn’t that wild – not pettable, but not terrified. We’ve seen her around here since we moved in. Maybe she even belongs to one of the neighbours.

I’m so heartbroken for her out there looking for her babies. Jeff said “we can put them back”.

As for progress inside, the dark one is playing with the toys now. He’s so funny. Both have been to the front to eat and drink while I’m in here. They are very interested in Zeus and come right to the front of the kennel to see him. He sits on a chair in front but hisses once in awhile and makes funny noises. I wonder what he is saying to them.