Overnight the kittens ate every morsel of food, every drop of water, and they peed & pooped in the litter tray! Woo hoo!

Now they have resumed their positions in the back of the kennel looking at me.

Today is our turkey day!! We’re planning to put the bird in the oven around noon.

It’s a crisp fall day. The fog just lifted here in Lochaber. It’s very rare to have such a still day. There isn’t even the slightest breeze. The lake is completely still. It’s almost like the world is frozen in place from our view on the hill.

Now if I could just keep Monty and Zeus out of my office. Monty is obsessed with staring at the kittens. They aren’t ready for prime time yet!

Noon update! They each just ate a tablespoon of soft cat food off a spoon while Jeff held the spoon! Progress!