The kittens are doing well. They are very playful now and I had problems keeping the calico girl IN the cage this morning – she really wanted to stay out with me! They both still quite wild when they are loose. Once in a while I let them have the spare bedroom at the top of the stairs to run loose and play in there. Zeus has gone in to play with them. He’s curious about them, a little scared of them, but still growls and hisses to tell them he is the king cat in the house.

I got worming pills for them at the vet yesterday. They said all kittens, especially feral ones, will have worms when they are born. Luckily they both ate their pill with no extra effort so we didn’t have to force it down their throats (I have no idea how we were going to do that – they have razor sharp teeth and claws!)

So last Thursday night I had an asthma attack in the middle of the night. I haven’t had an inhaler for eons – probably 10 years. Cold air always set me off before so I needed it when I lived in Thunder Bay. I had felt it coming for almost 2 weeks. I remember having a tight chest and wheezy when I was in Hamilton and at Dad’s house and Mom’s house. And then when I was back here. It was a long scary one and I almost woke up Jeff to take me to the hospital. I woke up coughing – a wheezy cough. I went to the other room to lie down so I wouldn’t disturb Jeff, but I couldn’t lie down and breathe. I went downstairs and drank a cold drink and tried to get my lungs under control while watching John McCain on Letterman. I think I was up for 90 minutes.

The next morning I went to the emergency room before work. There was NO other patients there so I was in and out in under 10 minutes. The doctor prescribed me Flovent – a steroid inhaler to use for a week now and to use whenever I get sick or have these symptoms again. He gave me the regular asthma inhaler to – in case it happens again. I haven’t had to use it. The steroid one is killing my voice. I’m completely hoarse and Jeff said I sound like a cartoon character. Soon the week is over and I can stop taking it.

Friday after work we cleaned our bedroom. The dogs have always had their own bedroom to sleep in, but with all our company this summer they migrated back to our room. It is so nice now – it’s clean and hairless. The dogs and their beds and toys are in another room again. Monty isn’t walking on us during the night anymore. The air is so much fresher. I imagine that could be one of the causes of my breathing problems. At least it started before I rescued the kittens, so I know they aren’t causing it.