You’ve gotta get one of these electric hedge trimmers!

BLACK&DECKER # HT022: 22 inch  Dual Hedge Trimmer

I’ve always just used twig snips and cut the sticks here and there, but a few weeks ago we picked up an electric Black & Decker hedge trimmer (22 inch). Jeff assembled it for me yesterday and then I attacked our hedges. It was so much fun! I felt like Edward Scissorhands.

I trimmed up several of the front bushes that haven’t seen a trimmer in a long time. They are all so overgrown, I’m not sure if they can be retrained to grow as little shrubs, but I did my best! They are all dormant already for the winter, so we’ll see in spring how they’ll grow.

The electric trimmer made it easy to make any shape I wanted – round or squared off. I did it a little bit and then stepped back to survey how it looked. It is double sided so I could trim in both directions as I whirled it around. Eventually Jeff took it away from me and put it back in the shed.