All the stores seemed to have morphed into Christmas over night! And we fell for it and bought lights for our first Christmas tree we’ll have in December.

Hallowe’en was last night. We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters, which is fine by us – I always hate trying to keep all our animals secure in the house while giving candy out to children of strangers. Our house is at the top of a scary, steep, dark laneway so we weren’t expecting anyone either.

I let the kittens out to play loose upstairs by putting a baby gate at the top of the stairs to keep the curious dogs back. Zeus has really taken to the male kitten and they chase each other all over and then play hide and seek on each other and pounce. It’s really cute. I’ve never seen Zeus play with another cat so it’s neat to see. Zeus is about 9 years old, maybe more (he was from the pound) and he’s at least twice the size of the kittens. They are growing really fast now though – they are probably half their adult size now already. When cornered, they’ll let me pick them up, and they never try to bite or scratch me, and purr lots, but they don’t come to me when they are loose – well, unless I have an open can of cat food in my hand. They’ll come to me for a stinky can of cat food!

Gorgeous chilly fall day here today. Jeff was up early hunting deer with his bow and arrow. A young buck has been teasing him mercilessly. Jeff is hoping for a bigger buck so he might just continue to enjoy his hunting for the next 5 weeks of the season.

Last night I was flipping channels while Zeus and the male kitten where racing back and forth upstairs and I saw a show I haven’t seen since I was a little kid. THE SMURFS!! What a great cartoon! Check out Teletoon Retro if you get that channel. It has lots of the old time cartoons of my youth.