I know. I’m way behind in updating this blog. That is because I play with the kittens every night for a couple of hours now rather than sitting on my computer. Their names are Sally and Steve French, by the way, and no, they aren’t staying, I just haven’t found a home for them yet. Everyone is interested in Sally, but I can’t part with her and not Steve French.

Anyway, you will no doubt hear about the massive snow storm in Nova Scotia trapping people in their cars for 15 hours. It wasn’t here. We have a small sciff of snow, but none on the roads. Sounds like Halifax has more than we do.

Blue beauty, our car, is at Chrysler today getting it’s winter studded tires put on. The drive in was slippery this morning so I can’t put it off any longer!

The wood stove is working well. I like that I can stoke it up and start a fire without relighting it HOURS after we last put wood into it. We can put the last couple logs in it at 10pm and the next night at 7:30pm I can still uncover red coals. I just open the damper all the way to get the air flowing, add a couple pieces of newspaper, and before I get more than a couple pieces of kindling in I have fire! Love it.

More later. Including photos from the ocean on Sunday. It was +18 and very very windy so we went to the ocean for pictures, but it wasn’t so windy on the coast. I’ll put a few up later anyway though.