Nova Scotia is in the news again for its 2nd snow storm in a week, but rest assured that we are safe and sound 😀 We got 4 inches or so on Friday night but much of it melted in a heat wave on Saturday morning. Only it left our laneway a little icy. I’m so not ready for the icy driveway season again. Parking down by the highway. Hiking up here to the house. Who’s dumb idea was it to build a house up here on the side of a valley anyway.

Anyway… I had no idea that I married Clark Griswold, but I like it! Jeff just strung Christmas lights across the front of our house. He picked out these lighted window displays for each window, and we bought stockings! He is already talking about the big Santa display he wants to put on the roof next year! (was he kidding? I’m not so sure!)

Here are some photos I promised you of the ocean last Sunday when it was mild and very windy (leading to last Sunday evening’s extended power outage!)

Liscomb shore:

Someone had a wild party

Jeff’s truck:

Weird seaweed on the shore – it was like big thick lasagna noodles:

Some mussel or something – still alive and stuck to the rocks:

Jeff’s feet:


A bunch of live thingies stuck to the rocks:

Ocean shoreline:

Shoreline trees have such character – even when they are dead: