I’m posting this today to come clean.

I’ve taken on a new addiction this fall that I let take over my free time. This morning I decided to quit cold turkey. So far no shakes.

I’m addicted to a Facebook application called “Mousehunt“. A clever little time waster that baits your brain every 15 minutes by giving you another chance at catching a mouse carrying gold.

If that wasn’t bad enough, my brother created another Facebook application with the same addictive claws. A game called “FableIsland” that lets you mindlessly fish or gather twigs and vines every 15 minutes.

I let these games take over to the point I have been sneaking checks at them at work. Just 2 seconds, I tell myself. I’ll just load it quick and hit the ‘hunt’ or ‘fish’ button real quick. And only once, then I must wait until I get home.

Then I get home and instead of doing something productive, I’ll check to make sure I have enough cheese in my mousetrap or enough worms to bait my hooks with. And if I busy myself between 15 minute checks, I can get 2 hunts or fishing tries in while I sit here for 20 minutes.

If I’m going to sit on my computer I might as well be tweaking my ads or website or doing something for a client so I can make money or do something useful with my time. And I can’t risk jobs by checking in on a Facebook game!

I’m sorry Brian that I can no longer play your game. But I’ll sneak a peek over Jeff’s shoulder when he plays. If only I could donate to him all the vines and branches I’ve collected.

Now let’s see what addiction I can tackle next.