I had been bragging that we didn’t have winter here yet, and then it arrived over night on Sunday night.

I had 2 bad days of winter driving.

This morning I woke up and all the snow was gone!

It was +14C on the way home from work, but it is so windy outside – I’d say gusts of 60-70 km/h. We now have a freezing rain warning for tonight and tomorrow. We could see 12 hours of freezing rain, so we are debating taking the vehicles back down to the highway level rather than up here on the side of the valley. You know, because of that big deep lake that would intercept our vehicles if we lost traction going down an icy driveway 😉

Hopefully the power stays on!

9:22PM update: We just watched the outdoor thermometer plunge before our eyes so we just drove our vehicles down to the highway level and hiked back up in the rain. Kinda hoping for either a miss or a big hit with this freezing rain storm because I don’t want to drive to work and back in freezing rain.