Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and I spent it at home recovering from the flu. At least I didn’t have to go to work on my birthday!

I somehow caught a 3 day flu (I blame germy doorknobs and grocery cart handles!). I had a fever, tossed my cookies, was achy and moany, had a headache, and just generally whined a lot. By yesterday evening I was cured.

It must have been because my sweetheart of a husband stopped by at lunch yesterday to bring me a strawberry shake from McDonald’s, a chocolate birthday cake, and a big bouquet of flowers! Awwww!

Today I was back at work and received a delivery of more flowers! Dad, Patti-Jo, and Patrick had a vase delivered to my desk full of flowers (and water!) I’m so spoiled.

Mom got me beautiful 14K gold pearl earrings in a beautiful silver jewelry box. They are very pretty!

Today winter arrived – well not officially – but we finally got snow! And lots of it! Jeff had to close his office early and send everyone home because the roads were so bad.

I was following a really slow person home at 15 km/hr. The highway was really greasy. She was going so slow, and driving in the middle road, that I realized I was soon going to get stuck if she didn’t speed up.

Well, she didn’t speed up. Instead she stopped completely, in the middle of the road!!

I felt bad, because the truth is this lady has no business driving. I get stuck behind her often driving to and from work. I don’t know anything about her, other than she is female, short, and always drives (slowly) with her left tires in the left lane. I have to pass her often. Well today I had to pass her after she parked in the middle of the snowy highway.

I did feel bad for leaving her, obviously panicked, but I didn’t know what else to do. I’m not about to tow her car behind mine, or leave her’s in the middle of the road, and there were other cars behind me.

So I carried on. I knew I had to pick up speed if I was going to make it up the snow covered hills so I set a good pace of 50km/hr.

Darkness came and I stayed calm and drove on towards the warmth of home when a large doe walked out of the woods and proceeded up the side of the ditch.

I somehow kept my wits about me. I knew I had a really good chance of hitting her. And I knew if I panicked and hit the brakes too hard I would spin out on the greasy thick snow and if I didn’t hit her, I’d surely hit the deep ditch.

I eased the brake on a little and watched her walk up on to the road. I knew at the last minute I could break and take a hard right if I could get behind her back legs. She didn’t seem to notice me at all and proceeded to walk right across the road, inches in front of my car.


Dodged a real bullet.. I mean deer..

When I got home I gunned it hard and spun my way up the driveway. Jeff had called my cell before I left work and said he had driven up and down the driveway a couple of times to left a path for my car to get up.

I made it on the first shot but by the smell of rubber lingering in the air, I might have left some of my winter tires on the slope of the driveway.

Last night a person contacted me by email for a kitten. I told her about Steve French and took some photos of him and we emailed back and forth. She has an 8 month old kitten and it looking for a playmate for him. The catch is she lives in New Glasgow, and not only do I have to drive him to her, I have to give her $30 to cover half of his neuter surgery. I guess that is a small price to pay compared to keeping him for the rest of his life. He is a real nice cat – he sure loves his food though! I think he’s going to be a big boy!