Steve French

Steve French went to his new home today. His new owner seems like a very nice lady. After we dropped him off I cried. Lots of tears. I’ve always known we couldn’t keep him, but it is so hard to give up a living being to stranger. I think he’ll be fine there, but it was very hard to know that I can’t be there any more for a kitten I took care of for months. I gave his new owner a bag with a new package of new cat toys, a fresh pouch of cat treats, some soft food, and a new bag of the kitten kibble he’s been eating. He loves food so much – he’ll probably be one of those huge fat cats some day.

Sally seems to be doing ok. I think Zeus looked for him more. He likes to be Uncle Zeus, watching out for the little ones.

I don’t know if Sally is staying here forever, but being a calico, I think she will be easier to find a home for later on if we need to let her go. She is so cute and irresistible. I’ve booked a spay and declaw for her in early January.