Happy Anniversary! Winter hurricane?

Is there such a thing as a winter hurricane? We have wind up to 100km/hr here this morning (up to 140 in Cape Breton!). The power is out at home and the expected restoration time is tomorrow night by 11:30pm.

It snowed quite a bit over night, and now it is supposed to rain a bit before it gets cold again.

I have power here at work, and Jeff has power at work, but I think most of the rest of the province is in the dark! Jeff said he has a tree down in his work parking lot.

The waves were HUGE on the lake this morning. I need to get a weather web cam up so you can tune in and see.

It’s our 1st Wedding Anniversary today 🙂 And Merry Christmas to my family who is together for Christmas today! Sorry we live too far now 🙁


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  1. Well Happy Anniversary to both of you! The Christmas party was great with the hardy souls,the weather was a blizzard so some did not come and most could not go home because the roads were closed. We had our piece of floor, couch, bed taken and in the morning it was calm, Cold and sunny! A perfect Christmas in Monkton.
    Santa made it!

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