Sally was spayed and declawed on Monday and was able to come home yesterday.

I feel so horribly guilty for mutilating her by having her declawed, yet I know that was the only way she would be able to stay with us. I felt even worse when I was softly comforting her last night and found an amputated claw and attached bone chunk lodged in her long chest fur!

My poor baby.

Her wounds all look well. She has some stitches from the spay that will need to be removed next week. They sure shaved a lot of her belly! She’s bald! Actually, I was surprised how small the spay incision is.

I can’t wait to get our spunky little kitten back. She is supposed to be kept off of high furniture so she doesn’t jump off and jar her healing front paws. I pulled the top mattress of one of our spare beds and dragged it into our bedroom last night. I made it all puffy and cuddly so she could sleep with me on the floor.

Of course as it turned out, she can jump just fine and she slept on our bed with Jeff and I slept on the floor…..

At least Zeus, our older cat, pulled him away from his winter hibernation down in the basement by the wood stove to keep me company on the floor.

This kitten reminds me a lot of Surf – one of my Golden Retrievers who passed away in 2005. She’s so cute and funny. Sorry Jeff. I think she’s staying. “For now” .. I mean 🙂