We have big plans for our kitchen, but realize we need to go a step at a time.

This week we took the first step!

The range hood fan we had has been shorting out and making weird noises since we moved in. The house inspection report said we should replace it soon. Twice in the last few months it has turned itself on when we weren’t even in the room.

So we bought a new range hood with the microwave built in!

My very skilled husband installed it himself on Thursday.

New Microwave

New Microwave

It has microwave buttons to activate the fan and the light underneath. The only thing I don’t like so far is how dim the 30 watt light bulb that comes with it is.

Next steps: replace the stovetop and the separate oven with a traditional-all-in-one oven/stove. Replace the 2 brown porceline circle sinks with a stainless steel sink (2 probably), replace the taps with a higher set, replace the cracked counter, turn the cupboard that has the oven now and hole for the old microwave into a pantry by adding pull out shelves and a new door, replace the ugly flowery handles on the cupboards, and #1 most important – get rid of the hideous green paint on the walls!

(In case you were curious from the photos, dinner tonight was bbq’d steak, steamed broccoli, scallops cooked in butter and garlic, and a spinach/feta/greek salad with cucumber. Delicious!