- Faxing Simplified. Anytime. Anywhere.
I often need a fax machine but I don’t have one anymore and don’t want to buy one and set up another phone number.

I also don’t want to fax from work because I like to keep a real solid line between my day job and my other jobs.

Last night I decided to take advantage of the 30 day free trial MyFax offers. It is a fax service that is all online. They give you a local number or a toll free number. They didn’t offer local numbers in Nova Scotia, so I signed up for a 1-888 number.

I had to sent a business fax last night so I prepared it in OpenOffice and saved it as a .pdf. Then I opened the MyFax website, logged it, uploaded my .pdf, typed in the number I was sending it to, and poof! the fax went. I received an email a short time later saying my fax was sent successfully.

If anyone sends me a fax, it comes as a .pdf to my e-mail. After the free month trial, it is $10 a month for your number (local or toll-free) and you can send 100 pages and receive 200.

If you want in on the 30 day trial: Animated 300x250