Saturday’s drive took us on some backroads to Guysborough – one of them being a terrifying (for me) drive on an ice road (6 inches thick?) in the middle of nowhere. This house was on that road, and yes, someone lives there currently.

Small old house

No one was spending the winter in this one:

Small old house

Check out how red this blueberry field looks:

blueberry field

Here is a new plantation of trees, seemingly planted to keep a big ol’ church from eroding over the steep edge down to the fields below.

tree plantation

The church was big and old, but still used, and had been resided with white vinyl at some point. I could smell the oldness of it from the parking lot though – I suspect there are some rotten timbers in there somewhere.

Old Church

Out back, just a few feet away from the back door was this out house.

Church outhouse