Some photos from this week for you.

Sally kitten:
Sally kitten

A bunny that thinks he’s still camaflouged. I have walked by him twice a day to walk down to the car and back and he doesn’t budge. Today I went and sat in the woods near him and watched him for a few minutes. Bunnies are so cute. He’s at his in between stage where he’s less white and turning more to his summer brown.

This nest is in our of our little spruces. It’s a little too high to get a good picture so maybe next time I’ll use my smaller lens and a step stool. Chickadees are always in that tree – not sure if they make a stick nest or not. It was used last year too.
birds nest

Is it spring? There is some growth in our gardens! We planted new tulips and giant daffodils last fall. I can’t wait to see them bloom!
something is starting to grow

Maybe it isn’t fully spring yet. Look at our driveway. Pure thick ice. A bit will warm up in the sun and drip down and then refreeze on the next section of the driveway. A few areas at the top of the driveway have thawed where we dumped our woodstove ashes during the winter. This picture was yesterday after work while it was raining. Now it’s cold and slick and thick again.
icy driveway still