My second toe is longer than my first.

I’ve always been fond of it. I was told it was a ‘Dutch thing’ and I proudly inherited it.

Jeff calls me a mutant with a deformity.

I said it was perfectly normal.

He turned to Google.

Turns out it is called “Morton’s Toe” and it is a deformity and it could be the “sole” (haha) factor behind my excruciating foot problems.

My foot problem seems to be plantar fasciitis. My feet hurt so bad. I can’t walk in the morning to the bathroom without holding the wall. The more special things I’ve been doing for my feet, the worse they seem to be getting. They started to get really bad when I was a treeplanter and brush saw operator and they’ve never got better. I now wear insoles, arch supports, and hiking boots all day. I never go barefoot, and I wear padding orthodic crocs in my house.

Turns out these feet problems could be caused by having a longer second toe. And that is also why my Mom would scold me and nag me to walk with my feet straight when I was a kid when I told her I couldn’t, they just naturally pointed outwards. Now I’m validated!

It isn’t that the toe is too long, as I’ve been reading up here, it is the bone in the foot that leads to the toe. And by supporting that long bone, or the arch, which both have pain, I’m actually amplifying the condition.

If this is all true, my internet searches are telling me that placing a foam pad under my first metatarsal – the bone leading to my big toe – that I will be cured. (see photo – )

I’m buying the foam pads tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m reading up on this site: