Well I’m sitting here at my Mom’s house, watching the weather channel, seeing them forecast 130km/hr winds and 150 mm of rain for my house and husband.

I forgot my watch is an hour ahead of everyone here, so it is 8:52am for me and I’m showered and dressed and have been up for an hour, but turns out it is really only 7:52am here and that is why I can still hear snoring.

My flight yesterday was pretty uneventful. There was only a 20 minute delay because the plane wasn’t there yet. Dad picked me up at the airport and I spent some time with him before I went to meet my mom at my Grandma’s house for dinner.

I bought Dad a big box of fresh Nova Scotia blueberries to bring home for him. I thought it was the best idea ever! What a treat! I bought a roll of duct tape so I could secure the box after the airport security checked it out.

By the time I got to the airport, the box was soggy and turning blue.

By the time I got into the airport, there was blue juice leaking into the bag.

At that point I thought about dumping the entire thing in the garbage, but that would have been such a waste!

So instead, I went to the fresh lobster and seafood counter and they took my soggy blue box and put it inside a lobster travel box with a frozen bag of peas! Only $7.50.

Except then everyone kept asking about my lobster dinner and wished me a delicious dinner. I even called Dad and told him not to get too excited when he saw me carrying a lobster box when he picked me up on the airport sidewalk. Luckily most of the berries were still good so Dad froze them all in smaller bags.

(Still, no one is up yet)

Uncle Bernie, Dona, and Meaghen are stopping by to visit this morning. Can’t wait!