I’m a huge hurricane fan.

Well maybe that is worded wrong. I don’t like death and destruction, but I get absolutely hooked on anchormen standing on the beach, waiting for the “outer bands” or the “eye wall” to come ashore.

I used to stay up as late as I could, and fall asleep on the couch with CNN on, so I wouldn’t miss any of the action.

Two years ago we got our first taste of a hurricane now that we live on the east coast. Hurricane Noel came to visit – or at least the tropical storm aftermath of Noel. Do a search on the side bar for Noel or Hurricane and you’ll get the gist of my hurricane obsession.

Hurricane Bill is days away but looks like it may hit Nova Scotia directly, or skim along the east coast. This is thrilling news to me, because it means days of watching it on the web, on tv, and talking about it to everyone I see.

Only there is the problem. Every time I mention a hurricane that is farther than 50 miles away, not a soul seems to have any idea what I’m talking about. They sure are laid back here.

Now there is also a second problem. I have a seat sale flight home for the weekend for the Verkley picnic. I’ve missed for too many Verkley picnics in my life. It’s the most fun with family, and this year a pig roast! and beer, and laughs, and cameras pointing at each other, and maybe even water balloons. The Verkley picnic was held each summer for my Grandma Verkley’s picnic and even though she isn’t with us anymore, we will gladly celebrate her birthday and her memory.

But now I face the chance of missing all the hurricane action, but possibly the chance of having to fly back in the midst of it! Even if I fly in okay to Halifax, I still have to drive all the way home! And how can I leave my husband and pets here to fend off Bill without me.

Oh woe is me.