I sure was all psyched up for Hurricane Bill, especially since I was in Ontario and not home to watch the storm! Before the Verkley picnic we were all gathered around a monitor watching the webcam at Peggy’s Cove. Some of the waves that crashed against the rocks were higher than the lighthouse! The RCMP were shooing the people off the rocks, and awhile later the waves were cresting over ALL of the rocks up to the parking lot!

I called Jeff a few times for live Hurricane Bill updates, but there wasn’t much to report. Jeff had done all the preparations, getting extra gas for the little generator we have (usually used for the freezer), securing everything outside (removing bird feeders and tying garbage cans to the deck), filling the bathtub with water (so the toilets can be flushed when the power is out for days), and he even went to town for extra beer!

Jeff said we only got a couple inches of rain and the winds didn’t seem to go over 30 km/hr. We didn’t even lose power!

Today I see that the storm formation that formed off of Africa over the weekend (remember that one Brian?) is now tropical storm and has the potential to become a hurricane and will likely come to visit us on Sunday with at least a bit more rain.