This will be a quickie post because I’m getting sleepy and I’m afraid I’ll get too busy this week to update again.

Tropical storm Danny stopped by last night. Wow did it rain! Way more than Hurricane Bill Jeff said. Light rain started in the afternoon, and by 10 or so it was pouring as hard as possible. I stayed up until 2:30 this morning and it was still pouring.

The lake is up this morning and the rivers are high. Our driveway eroded a bit, but not too bad, just some channels in the gravel going down the hill.

Today was a gorgeous day, although kinda humid – but when isn’t it moist out here! Jeff and I put up our new tent on the front lawn to make sure it was ready for our camping trip to Newfoundland. It’s a nice size, and really tall, so we can stand up in the middle. There should be lots of room for our air mattress and for Monty to hopefully run around us, and not on us!

Alright, the rest of my tales will have to wait until another day. My pillow is calling me… or is that Jeff…. zzzz……………