Well I was worried about leaving the cats alone while we go camping in Newfoundland but now I am comforted knowing my cats can make new friends so easily.

This morning when I sat up in bed to get up, I saw that Zeus was lying on his side looking under my bedside table and wagging his tail. Then he ran to the other side of the night stand and did the same thing.

I knew something must be under there and as much as my brain kept yelling “mouse!” my eyes really were hoping for a caterpillar or a fly or something, anything, but a mouse.

Well at least it wasn’t a snake.

But it was mouse. It came out between the night stand and the bed and I shrieked for Jeff. The cute little rodent didn’t seem the slightest bit scared.

Jeff and Zeus chased him into the bathroom and Jeff grabbed a towel to catch him.

Then he went up into a crevasse by the sink cupboard and was gone.

Sally and Zeus seemed so sad.

After work, Jeff was home first and after he sat down for a couple minutes he heard a kerfuffle in the hallway. He went out to investigate, and by then Sally and her new friend, the mouse, were in my office. Sally was sitting down and the mouse was sitting in front of her. Then Sally chased her new friend into the baseboard heater and every time he poked his head out, Sally tried to tap him with her paw.

When I drove in, Jeff met me at the door and asked me to go grab his work gloves from his truck. When I did, he went into my office and grabbed the mouse out of the baseboard heater and came outside we met and tossed him on to the grass. Silly guy still just sat there in the grass and then groomed himself a bit and sauntered onwards.

Poor Zeus is looking all over for their new friend.

How long until he finds his way back into the house to play for another day?