Jeff’s sacred hunting grounds

Last year for Jeff’s birthday, I bought him a trail cam. It is a camo digital camera with a picture card and a battery that you strap to a tree. It has a sensor that will trigger the camera to take a photo if an animal walks by the camera. It even has an infra-red flash so it can take photos in the dark without spooking the animals. On the bottom of each photo it records the time, the temperature, and the moon phase!

Jeff put it up where he hunts deer so he can see what deer are around, if any, and what times they are around. He put a pile of corn and apples to attract the deer.

Here are some of my favourite photos:









There are FIVE deer in the one above. Can you see them all?



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4 Replies to “Jeff’s sacred hunting grounds

  1. A gathering point for a whole herd of deer! Jackpot for the great white hunter! So is the buck hanging in the tool shed?????????

  2. The butt shot I thought was just a butt shot until I realized it was of the whole herd! Nice!

    My favourite is the third pic. To get a close up, still, well framed photo like that. Amazing.

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