We usually waste most of our Saturday going to town and getting groceries and running errands.

This weekend we didn’t have anything to do in town and we have spent the entire weekend at home – most of it in the living room watching Olympic coverage.

Jeff is playing his new computer games on his laptop.  I’m on my laptop watching Twitter feeds, complaining about CTV’s coverage, and doing mindless surfing.

I haven’t turned my desktop computer on in my office all weekend.  I haven’t done any work for clients or myself.

We took Monty to the park for a run in the enclosed ball diamond.

I fed the birds.

I replanted the lettuce and tomatoes in my indoor garden.

I went for a walk in the woods behind the house.

Jeff made chili that we’ve had for 3 meals in a row (can’t help it – it’s soo good!)

And Valentine’s Day came with flowers and chocolates 🙂