I love the Winter Olympics! I’ve been watching nothing but since it started (oh wait, I did turn the channel for Survivor!)

I like most events.  My least favourite is probably men’s hockey and curling. Everything else gets me on the edge of my seat (or couch).

It is depressing when the ridiculous commentators make it sound like the athletes failed their country when they get a 4th or 5th or even 12th.  I’m proud of everyone competing!

Jeff’s been sick since Thursday night.  I think it’s the Norwalk virus and you don’t want details.  His fever left last night but he’s still not cured. Luckily I haven’t caught it!

I stayed home from work on Friday with him.  It seemed to be a flu and he had a wicked fever so I didn’t want to risk spreading it at work.  (My coworker that I share an office with has two young children, and I think everyone is still H1N1 phobic.)

So this weekend has been another low key, Olympics on all day, weekend.

Tomorrow after work I’m heading to a forestry conference in Truro for a couple of nights.