I met someone who holds a Guinness World Record today

I met some great people today at the forestry conference, mostly thanks to an old friend of mine from the Sault, Chrissy, who is also at the conference.

Over a cookie during the coffee break, I was chatting with a nice, friendly woman all about forestry, the conference, the Christmas tree industry, and the real Christmas wreaths that are so popular here at Christmas time.

I said that I haven’t had a real wreath until we moved to Nova Scotia and I love ours so much it is still hanging up outside because I hate to throw it out when it is still green and pretty.

She said she was in the wreath making business, and then she told me she was actually a world record holder!

She is in the Guinness Book of World Records for building the biggest Christmas wreath!

How big you ask? (as did I!)

251 feet, 9 inches !

She built the frame out of re-bar and it took 3.5 months to build.  It took 4,500 lbs of balsam fir branches to decorate.  It took her 27 hours, 42 minutes to tie all the brush to the frame.


Some links:


http://community.guinnessworldrecords.com/service/displayKickPlace.kickAction?u=6999174&as=7691&b= (has photos)


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