Today Jeff said good-bye to an old friend.

We knew this day was coming, and we put it off, patched it up best we could, but today was the day Jeff’s BBQ took its final voyage to the big dump in the sky… er…I mean… the big dump down the road and around the corner.

We couldn’t find Jeff a new friend in Antigonish, so we took a sunny drive over to New Glasgow and found a much bigger selection in their Canadian Tire.

I knew the second I saw it in the line-up that it was the one.  I think Jeff knew too.

He was giddy like a school girl.  He met the rest of the BBQs in the line, but there just was no comparison.  With a twinkle in his eye, he set off to find a new BBQ brush to keep his new friend clean.  He picked up a normal sized one, and a humungous one and walked back towards me to ask my opinion.  A man walking by beat me to it and said, “the big one”, so the big brush it was!

Now he just needed a couple of employees to get the big box through the check-out and into the truck!

Once we got back home, it was immediately time for assembly.  And I knew I had better document their first day together.

Time to cut it open!

Ahh good the directions…

I wonder how long this will take.  Starting NOW.

Okay, step one…

Whoa, look at this step!!  Two will have to do!

Wasn’t too heavy, but I’m glad this top part came as one piece.

How are we doing for time?

Uh oh, missing parts!  Better check the box – oh there they are!

What size washer? Do I use a nut for this one? Lisa. Stop taking pictures, hold this, read me what’s next.

Okay, now the electronic box. Hey this BBQ requires a AA battery!

Time check…

Look at the mess involved! To think the store will assemble for just $40.

Time for the doors! And the propane tank!

And now it can be rolled into place!

All done!   Jeff and his newest friend.

(Time Check)


Now it’s time to season the grill!  These ones are a ceramic coated cast iron so they had to be washed with soap and water, dried, then rubbed with vegetable shortening.  Then they cooked in the oven for 20 minutes on 275°F. After they cooled, we were ready to go!

New BBQ Day

Check out the size of the new brush!!

New BBQ Day

Checking the potatos.

New BBQ Day

Even a side burner for the green beans!

New BBQ Day

If only you could have tasted it.  Mmmm mmmm good.

This new friend of Jeff’s cooks a little differently.  There are shields over the 3 burners so the flame will never touch your cooking food.  It took longer to cook, but the steak was done really well – not that Jeff has EVER made anything bad on a BBQ!