Can’t go wrong with Bacon, Pasta, and Wine!

What do you get when you mix bacon, pasta, and red wine?

Well you get our delicious dinner, that’s what.  And the first recipe we tried from my new cookbook.

My favourite artist out here in Nova Scotia is Shelagh Duffett.  She is a vivd photographer, folk art painter, and active blogger.  I have purchased one of her paintings and I could easily fill my house with her work.  I love the colours and east coast scenery.

This week I purchased her cookbook – “Nova Scotia Potluck – Yummy Food for Friends and Family”.  It arrived in the mail today and we’ve already sunk our teeth in!

Tonight I made the recipe on page 69 – Pasta with Bacon, Cheese, and Tomato Sauce.  I added some chicken too for my meat loving husband.  It was delicious!  And so easy.  While the pasta was boiling, in a frying pan I mixed the bacon with red wine, tomato chunks, some dried oregano from our garden last summer, some fresh parsley from my light garden in the basement, garlic, and dried red pepper.   Then I mixed it together with some parmesan, and added some of that left over red wine to our glasses, and bon appetite!

Check out Shelagh’s work at


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  1. Hi Linda, I just happened to be on twitter, which isn’t often these days, and spotted bacon, tomato cheese and pasta! Didn’t take me long to click! Ha,ha forgot about that recipe:)) Glad you are enjoying the book. Lots of good eating in there:)
    Cheers, Shelagh

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