We headed out early yesterday for the Outdoor and RV Show in Halifax.  It was a decent sized show.  I didn’t see any freebies, but there were draws everywhere, and  many RVs indoors for us to dream about our retirement years after our lottery win, travelling around the continent with our dog and two cats 🙂

Today is Sunday and if you ask Jeff he will tell you exactly how many minutes are left until we go pick up the used 14 foot aluminum boat we’re buying!  He is really excited.  He was up before the sunrise both days this weekend – I don’t think he can sleep from all the excitement!

Of course, in a few hours we will own a boat, but most of the lake is still covered in ICE!

Anyway, we enjoyed the outdoor show, and after the show we had lots of time to shop in Halifax.  Our shopping choices are very limited in our rural area of the province where costs are high, incomes are low, and selection is limited. We hit Home Depot, Linens and Things (well, I peaked in the window to see they have closed up shop), Homesense, Home Outfitters, and Costco!

I am not good at spending money, but I did finally find a shower curtain! I’ve used and rewashed the awful green fabric one that came with this house for 2.5 years now, but now I have a brand new liner and lacy curtain.  Now I am inspired to repaint and decorate the main bathroom!

I’ve wanted to redo our kitchen for awhile too.  But new kitchen cupboards are really out of our spending limit, so we picked out new hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers.  What a difference!!  It is true – you can change the entire look of your kitchen with new hardware!  Some hardware is steep – but we found some that were just over $4 a piece.  Next in the plan is a new countertop and some paint and I think I’d like to tile a backsplash.  Someday this house will feel like it’s really ours, and done in our style!

We had a gift certificate for Montana’s restaurant so we had a delicious lunch in the city.  I ordered the sizzling chicken fajitas.  When you orders those, you get a huge spread and get to make your own! They bring a sizzling hot pan with chicken, peppers, and onions, and you also get a dish of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course a little dish each of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole!  I ate like a queen and filled those tortillas full of flavour and even defied gravity and didn’t get any on my white shirt !  😀

The temperature hit 18°C on the way back from Halifax.  It was sunny but dusty and smokey.  It was a dry winter, and an early spring.  People Idiots everywhere are lighting up grass fires, either intentionally or accidentally.  The Halifax municipality has already put on a fire ban.  Perhaps the rest of the province should have done the same.

This morning I can see that the raccoons were back over night. Two of my bird feeders were tilted, empty, and one had a couple of the plastic panels knocked out.  Hungry buggers.  Too bad the bird feeder poles aren’t a bit longer so the fat raccoons would have to jump higher.