Facebook, we’ve been close friends for a few years now, and you brought back some wonderful friends into my life.

I’ve been guarded as you made some other changes, but I defended you. I defended your design changes, and your openness to letting me decide how comfortable *I* was with sharing my personal information.

But I think our friendship is over.

In the last week, you’ve opted me in to sharing my information with other websites without notifying me. That was a really big no-no.

And now today you’ve decided to link every aspect of my profile to public pages.

What the >:XX for???????

Too far Facebook, too far. I felt slighted that you discriminated against those of us from small towns. I wanted my profile page to list my real hometown, and my real current town – not the next closest, bigger city. But I let it slide because you were such a good friend.

But now that doesn’t even matter because I’ve deleted my towns from my profile.

And my jobs.

My education.

My husband even deleted that he was married.

Was this really the result you were striving for??