I’m sure Jeff won’t mind if you use this one

A week ago we had a visit from two insurance salesman. I am a new union member in my workplace, and along with the membership to the union, every member is offered a $4,000 insurance policy for free. I filled in my details to accept the plan. Of course I expected a call or a visit from that company – the company I had never heard of. Well they called me to let us know they were going to be in the neighbourhood and wanted a time to stop by. I reluctantly agreed. After all, if I croak suddenly, the least I could do is leave my husband $4,000 at no cost.

Well after we had the appointment for them to stop by, I googled the company’s name to see the word SCAM scattered all over the search results. It seems this company is more like an Amway or a Primerica company that depends upon recruiting the young and the desperate, works them hard, promises them big numbers, but pays them little.

We spent all day in dread for this appointment and tried to think of ways to get them out of our house if they turned up the pressure too much.

In the end, they turned out to be two nice young guys – one was desperately shy, and the other was the pitch man. He worked his way through his memorized script, and we were jumping right through his hoops, until he asked:

Him: “Sir, what will you do if your wife dies?”

Jeff: “Well it doesn’t much matter because I’d be in jail.”

Ha!! That one wasn’t in his script. Next question. 😀 😀


I’ve decided that there are really only two good times to garden.

  1. When it is windy and the temperature is below 8°C
  2. February.

Those are really the only black-fly-free windows. In February we usually get a nice thaw here and the gardens are exposed. That is really when I need to clean out the flower gardens, weed, and add mulch. Today was luckily so windy and frigid that there was only one black fly that was alert enough to bite me.

Survivor – Heros vs. Villains

Best season since the first one. Go Russell!!

Kitchen Colours

I think we’re really close to settling on a new paint colour for our kitchen, and the hallway. AND we’re really close to picking out the formica pattern for a new counter top! Why do I say “really close”? Well because I’ve already decided what I want and now I have to wait for Jeff to make a really good argument for another colour and pattern, or cave to my suggestions. :yes:

Although in the end it doesn’t much matter what I choose because I am dreading painting the hallway and the kitchen more than anything else and think I might before just to leave it the INSANELY ugly colour it is now. I’ve painted big rooms, bathrooms, inside kitchen cupboards, heck I even painted a big picnic shelter in a provincial park, but the thought of painting around all the edges of the trim in the hallway and kitchen around all the cupboards puts me in a PANIC. I want perfect edges. I don’t want wall paint smears on the ceiling. I hate seeing my mistakes. I hate that my leather recliner has ponytail brown paint on it because I had paint all over my leg and sat in my chair. :no: Maybe I should practice somewhere else first. Like in some one else’s house.

Jeff’s Canadien’s Hat

I have no idea where Jeff’s cap is, but he’s so frustrated that he can’t find it. That hat drew so many comments from strangers. People would always come up to him and comment on his favourite hockey team. But about two weeks ago it mysteriously disappeared. I’d suspect someone was up to some hijinks by hiding it until the playoffs were over, but unless one of you secretly drove over from Ontario to do that, we don’t have any friends here that are up to the pulling-pranks level yet.

We’ve torn apart the house and looked through everything, everywhere, at least four times. And his truck. And the car. Jeff’s even looked in the shed. And I even stopped at the Chinese food restaurant we ate dinner at a couple weeks ago in case he had it with him that day and took if off to eat.

No sign. No clue.

Just the painful frustration of not knowing where it is, where it could be, or how the Habs aren’t being jinxed by a loss of this magnitude.

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