10 years ago – Camping at MacGregor Point

If my memory is correct, it was 10 years ago that Dad, Julie, Brian, Leanne, and I (with Winger and Surf) went camping for the May long weekend at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.

It was the weekend that Walkerton’s e-coli outbreak hit the news.

It wasn’t warm.

I slept in my little tent with my dogs, and Dad, Julie, Brian, and Leanne slept in the other tent.

When a park ranger drove through the park after dark to tell everything that there was a bear running around the park and we should all stay put, I freaked out and my dogs and I slept in the back seat of my car with the windows open a centimetre. I slept on the floor and the dogs got the seat. It wasn’t as comfortable as you’d think.

Here are a few pictures I dug out of my photo album and scanned:




And just because these were cute, I scanned in two photos of Julie from July 2000 in Mom’s old backyard. The first one is with Surf, and Winger got into the second photo with them.
Julie & Surf July 2000

Julie Surf & Winger July 2000


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  1. Very nice pictures Lisa.
    I remember wanting to sleep in the car too, but dad wouldn’t let me. He promised to save me from the bear though.

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