I’m trying out a new micropayment beta service I read about yesterday – Flattr

The goal of Flattr is to easily provide the ability to send a micropayment to a content provider.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You sign up for an account at http://Flattr.com
  2. You deposit money into your account (in Euros, through Paypal, or with your credit card)
  3. You set the amount you wish you disperse every month – a minimum of 2 Euros
  4. During the month, when you read a blog post or other content that you enjoy, and it has a Flattr icon at the bottom of it, you click it to Flattr it
  5. At the end of the month, your monthly amount is divided by the amount of times you Flattr’d something, and the money is dispersed to those content providers.
  6. Right now, the owners of the site keep 10% of a user’s dividend for their profit. They expect to drop that percentage as usage grows.

Seems like an interesting idea, and as much as money people want everything for free, there are people who will gladly contribute a couple of cents to you, like a tip jar, but before had no way to process such a small micropayment.

I’ve installed it here on my blog while I learn more about it, and see how it progresses through Beta. I’m not expecting much in return, but I can tell you I’ve already Flattr’d someone else. I would far rather submit a micropayments to someone as thanks for a post I enjoyed or found useful than clicking a useless Facebook Like button.

I have 3 invites if you wish to get in on the beta period.