Jeff and I tried Mom’s Nintendo Wii when we were home last week and after just one fun evening bowling, golfing, and boxing with Mom and my friend Becky, we were hooked!

We bought a Wii on the way home from the airport and I’m SO HOOKED! We also got the Wii Fit Plus board.

Now instead of me sitting on my computer for hours, and Jeff sitting watching tv playing computer games, we are standing and sweating, battling each other at interactive sports on the TV.

So far my strong sports are table tennis, wakeboarding, and free throw basketball.

Jeff is better at me at most of the sports. Maybe because he is better at video games, or maybe just because he is better at sports in general.

The Wii Fit activities WIPE ME OUT! Super Hulla hoop is a killer! I never thought I’d sweat in front of the TV.

The fun part is you are always getting better, and then it unlocks a new feature, and you have new opponents.

I’ll be curious to see when the fun factor wears off and when it will just be another dusty un-used toy.