As the end of August nears, I am seeing the signs of the shortening days, and the damp nights.

The sun is almost tucked behind the other side of our valley at just 7:20pm tonight. Fog forms a layer between the surface of the lake and the top of the valley each night. By morning our vehicles are completely fogged over and I need to keep the defrost and wipers on for the first few minutes of my drive to work to keep the condensation off my window.

This year was our second attempt at vegetable gardens and we are having success!! Our green beans are incredible. No bean I’ve ever had tasted this good. What are those green things they label green beans in our grocery stores? They certainly don’t compare to these green pieces of heaven.

Our tomatoes are doing better than last year too. We’ve eaten 3 of them now, and Jeff brought in a few more that should be ready for tomorrow night.

Our garden is little, and it is an on-going experiment to see what we can grow here. Our red cabbage is growing, but still hasn’t really folded itself into a cabbage yet. The lettuce only gave us one good salad before it flowered. Our green and jalapeño peppers are just starting to produce peppers that are about 0.5cm in size still so I guess we don’t really have a climate for peppers here.

Next year we’re thinking about having a chicken coop with some meat birds. I used to “help” my dad when he “harvested” our chickens, but I’ve grown into such a softie I am afraid I will think of them all as pets and not want to “harvest” them.