OK… so it started a month ago.

I’ve told you before, I’m a hurricane junkie.

I pin myself to all my sources of information during hurricane season. I’ve got the hurricane tracking websites bookmarked. I subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and email notification lists so I always know the LATEST information. I check the satellite shots, and the current models of impending storms. I watch throughout the day as the hurricane’s predicted path is updated. Heck, I’ve even slept with the TV on before watching the CNN anchors track the eye walls, and measure the storm surges.

I’ve gotta tell ya, the ultimate thrill of watching on TV is watching an expendable young journalist have to hold a sign pole, or a railing, or better yet -get knocked off their feet!

Who would have ever thought I’d move from fairly-hurricane proof northern Ontario to Nova Scotia! Where hurricanes actually hit!!

My first taste of a hurricane came shortly after we moved here. Hurricane Noel arrived in the fall of 2007. It was a tropical storm by the time it hit, but it was a wild ride! It hit through the night and it was scary! I was sure our roof was holding on by one last nail and the next gust was going to take it away. There was plenty of damage and thousands of downed trees, but we weathered the storm.

Right now, the forecast is showing the possibility of Hurricane Earl hitting Nova Scotia as a Hurricane 2 on Friday night/Saturday morning. Because that it days away, almost anything can happen in the meantime.

It’s crazy, but I almost cheer for these storms to “come and get us!” Do I think I’m invincible? Or am I some sort of hurricane thrill chaser?

Stay tuned… I’m headed to Walmart for supplies….