>25,000 customers without power in the province now.

There are winds of 100km/hr and 70mm of rain forecast for the next 24 hours.

As the storm approaches from the south, the power is going out all over the place.

Everyone gets furious and blames Nova Scotia Power, but really, our trees can’t withstand 100 km/hr wind gusts. A lot of people live in isolated areas, on back roads, with ancient power poles, and it takes awhile to clean up all the debris afterwards.

The gusts really started to pick up when I was leaving work. It was +12°C and I stopped to get gas. I had to move one foot a foot or so ahead of my other foot to brace myself because the gusts were trying to blow me over! It’s really tricky getting your car door safely opened, and closed, with wind gusts like this.

Here is the live power outage map for the province: http://www.nspower.ca/en/home/residential/outageinformation/liveoutagemap.aspx

If our power goes out, we’ll be listed under Goshen.

Update: 9:51pm Over 34,000 out now. Going to bed 🙂