We didn’t lose power last night, but I believe it’s out at home now. Over 73,000 customers in the dark this morning.

It was flickering when we left for work. I turned my computer off so you won’t see any updates from the webcam today.

I’m so anxious about making it back home. Flooding is already starting and the bulk of the 70mm is still to come. The West River I drove over as I get close to town was right to the top.

I also hate leaving Monty because he gets so freaked out when the power flickers. I feel like I abandoned him.

Power is on here in town, for now. The wind is totally wild. 100 km/hr wind gusts. The rain was going sideways in sheets on the highway. The puddles are connecting into lakes. I’m soaked just from walking from the car to my workplace.

Stay tuned… and I hope none of you are parked on Highway 402 in Ontario. I heard there are 300 cars buried in snow there. Military choppers are on their way.