The rain and wind have stopped!!

But the rivers and lakes are overflowing – as much as a heavy spring thaw. The floodplains are under water.

We didn’t lose power at home. Lucky!! The wireless internet is out though – turns out the crazy winds might have thrown the wireless antennas on the towers out of alignment. Hopefully they get it fixed today, but there are a lot of towers. Until now it was too windy for technicians to climb them.

We fared well at home. There was a new Niagara Falls coming off the hill behind our house. The water was ROARING, but luckily the drainage ditch at the back of our backyard was able to handle all the water and divert it away from our house.

Our lake is VERY high. All the low-lying floodplains around the lake are full of water. Our neighbour’s dock is under water – a lot of water! I bet the gravel road on the other side of the lake is under water.