Back in August 2009, one of our weekend wanderings brought us to Big Island, Nova Scotia.

Big Island is located northwest of here, in Pictou county, on the Northumberland Strait. You can drive to the island because it is connected to the main land with a long sandy causeway, armed on one side with a breakwall of wood and rocks.

You can see Big Island straight again in these photos we took:

Big Island

Big Island

Well I guess those rocks were no deterrent to last night’s storm surge because this is what that same area looks like today (photo source):

Big Island

See more photos here: Pictou County’s only way to Big Island washed away in storm surge

There are several homes on the island and the residents are stranded for now. The road is completely washed away in one spot, and the telephone cable along the causeway was destroyed.

We’ve weathered this last storm fairly well. There wasn’t as much rain as they called for, and although the wind gusts were from the north this time, there wasn’t any damage here. We lost power for a few hours on Monday after work, but we’ve been fine since then. This storm is continuing into tomorrow – Thursday! The biggest problem is all the flooding in the Northumberland Strait from the high tide, full moon, and storm surge combination.

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