Philips Fidelio dock

Jeff bought me the Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker with Bluetooth for me for my birthday! It is a speaker dock for my iPhone.

I thought I’d give you a little review in case you were looking for a similar product.


  • Charges my iPhone – Now I don’t have to plug my iPhone into the wall with the charging cable it came with. While I’m using the speakers, it charges my iPhone. Love this!
  • Internal Battery – Not only does it charge my iPhone battery, but the entire speaker dock has an internal battery, estimated at 5 hours, that allows me to unplug it from the wall and take it anywhere! Like upstairs so I can sing and dance in the shower, and downstairs so I can be entertained while I’m starting a fire, or exercising on the treadmill.
  • Sound Quality – I really enjoy the sound of these speakers. I’m no a professional audiophile, but the sound is deep and rich with plenty of bass.
  • Bluetooth – Jeff specifically went hunting for a speaker dock for me that had Bluetooth. He said that is because I can never seem to put my iPhone down, so how would I leave it in a speaker dock. Ha! Many he had a point. Anyway, I just have to turn on the Bluetooth signal on my phone, and quickly sync it with the speaker dock, and presto! I’m listening to my iPhone without it even physically connected. The range is supposed to be rather limited, but I tried it from my bed when the speaker dock was in the bathroom, and it worked! The Bluetooth is neat if you are playing a game, so you can hold your iPhone in your hand, but hear the great quality sound from the speaker dock.
  • Input Jack – The speaker dock has an input connection so you can plug other items into the dock to use the speakers.
  • Light and Portable – There is a nice finger hole in the back where you can cup all of your fingers into it to carry it around. The unit is really portable and my iPhone seems well connected and doesn’t fall off when I’m rockin’ out around the house. Because it has the internal battery, and our WiFi reaches outside the confines of our house – I can see myself using this to listen to Sirius satellite radio outside on the deck and while I’m gardening next year!
  • iPads too! – I don’t have an iPad, but if I ever do, or if Mom is visiting with hers, I’ll show her that this speaker dock is designed to also allow an iPad to be docked. A separate iPad stand came in the box to secure an iPad to the dock.
  • Remote Control – This speaker dock also comes with a remote control! So I can adjust the volume, or flip to the next song, even if I have it sitting out of reach.
  • App – There is a free Apple App for this speaker dock. It has a couple of displays, with the time, or battery level, and you can play your iPod through one of the displays. It can also be used to use the speaker dock and your iPhone as an alarm clock!


  • Stupid Packaging – This speaker dock had product information firmly stuck to the top of it with some sort of sticky, stiff tape. When I pulled it off, it pulled the finish on the back under the adhesive. Nothing more aggravating than wrecking the smooth and sexy look of a brand new toy thanks to the manufacturer’s packaging oversight.

If you are shopping for this item, I have the Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker – Model number 8550/37.