We hit the lake with the boat WAY later this spring than last year. This year the ice lingered into April and it is has been cold and windy and miserable. Jeff has been busy building his new shed, and I’ve been busy with a course I’m taking online.

Yesterday morning the sun was up, the winds were calm, and we were off!

Many of the cottages around the lake are quiet and dark all year, but this week our seasonal neighbours have been filtering back. We were the only boat on the water for awhile. But we could hear all the busy cottagers hammering, sawing, and one really obnoxious cottager was blasting loud country music across the lake.

Jeff dropped anchor at one of our favourite fishing spots and we got our lines wet for the first of the year!

first boat trip of 2011

Unfortunately it quickly clouded over and the wind picked up. You wouldn’t believe how many fish we caught!

first boat trip of 2011

first boat trip of 2011

OK so we didn’t catch any fish. Not even a nibble.

But I did bring up some lovely leaves from the bottom of the lake!