electric tillerA co-worker of mine was telling me about the electric tiller he has for his garden.

Electric tiller? They exist?

Our garden isn’t very large, but we’ve toyed with the idea of renting a small rototiller so we could bust up the ground better.

I told Jeff about the electric tiller so we did a little research and found one at Canadian Tire.

Desperate to fill up both sheds with our tools and supplies, we bought it!

I’ve gotta tell ya – this thing is GREAT!

It’s got a 10 inch width and goes down 4.5 inches (according to the box). It’s easy to handle (32 lbs) has a nice padded handle. We made it a 2-person job because we were afraid of running over the cord, so one of us was always on cord duty (I would love that for vacuuming!)

Within 10 minutes we had tilled up the soil better than we’ve ever done it with a shovel, hoe, and a rake. Then we mixed in 10 bags of sheep manure, a 2 small bales of peat moss. This is our first time trying the peat moss, so we’ll see how it works out.

I’ve gotta tell ya – buy your shit at a garden nursery. Seriously. The sheep manure we got this year was so lovely compared to the smaller, cheaper bags we had been buying at the Central hardware store. Those bags had manure mixed with wood chips and even some sea shells. The bags we bought this year were 100% good shit.

For another 20 minutes, Jeff tilled it all into the soil. It’s so airy and puffy and weed free!! And the motor on the tiller wasn’t even hot (well the metal shaft underneath was, but only one of us was silly enough to touch it) (no, really, not me this time!)

There are 4 blades on this electric tiller. The owner’s manual said we can remove two of them to do a smaller width at once. This could easy go between rows in your garden if you had a weedy mess. I’m thinking of using it on a couple other flower garden that need a re-start.

I think we’ll give the garden another till before we plant, and then probably again in the fall after final harvest!

Two thumbs up for the Yardworks Electric Tiller from Canadian Tire!