The deer I shared photos of a couple mornings ago ate all my just-about-to-bloom tulips and my lilies out of my front garden over night.

I know deer eat tulips. A deer ate my tulips two years ago out of the same garden. I didn’t plant the tulips because I know deer love them. A previous home owner did. They didn’t have a great year last year, after been eaten the year before, but this year there were dozens of them just about to open.

I’ve planted a lot of daffodils since we moved here because deer don’t eat them. This deer took the time to go around every daffodil and bite the tulip stems, and leaves, right to the ground.

I wish the deer no ill will. It’s not her fault.

But I love flowers. Seeing them all gone this morning felt like someone ate the sun out of my sky. I cried. I’m sad. I know they are only flowers. But they waited all year to bloom for me. And now they are gone.