Zeus is off to the vet shortly. He hasn’t eaten or drank for a day. He’s very docile. He might possibly have a hairball stuck somewhere.

He’s only 12, far too young to leave me yet, so please keep him in your thoughts today!


Zeus is staying at the vet’s until Monday.

The vet said he is dehydrated, but his temperature is good and he isn’t jaundiced.

The vet said his stomach felt “doughey” to him.

They gave him a tonic laxative and IV fluids. If something is stuck, that should do the trick.

If that isn’t it, they’ll check out his organs next.

He was not happy with the vet tech who wanted to carry him into the back room.

If you haven’t met Zeus… well he makes most of our house visitors cry. He chases feet and pounces with a snarl. And then he’ll jump on your lap later purring for some lovin’. I adopted him 10 years ago from the Sault Ste. Marie shelter. He was estimated to be 2 years old. He had been returned many times. I think I’m his fifth home.

He bit me every day for the first 6 months, at least! But he was so loving the rest of the time, he won me over. Plus I knew he had a long rap sheet at the shelter and it was my house or kitty cat heaven!

The vet said he’ll check on him again before he leaves, early this afternoon. And he’ll be in again tonight to check on him. He will call me with an update.


Sunday morning update:

Haven’t heard from the vet. I hope I hear something today. He did say yesterday that a blockage could take up to 36 hours to clear out. If that is what it is….