The vet just called.

Zeus isn’t better.

He has peed lots from the fluids and laxative, but hasn’t pooped.

This morning when the vet stopped by, Zeus was having some sort of asthma like attack, couldn’t breathe well, and his heart rate was very elevated. It went on for several minutes, but then it stopped, and the next 2 times he stopped by to check on him, Zeus was ok.

Zeus is the only animal in the room, so he shouldn’t be too stressed.

I gave permission for the vet to sedate Zeus in the morning, if there is no change, and they’ll take blood and do an x-ray to see if they can see anything.

Instead of doing the blood work themselves, they are going to send it to the vet college for extra work – including a thyroid check that they can’t do, but the results won’t be back until Tuesday so he will likely send Zeus home until the results come back.

Zeus hasn’t eaten anything since probably Thursday.


I’m reading about feline hyperthyroidism and Zeus has had just about every symptom. If that is what it is, it is now severe and affecting his other organs. They won’t know if that is what it is until at least Tuesday when the blood results come back.

Signs of hyperthyroidism can include:

  • weight loss
  • increased appetite (YES – he has been obnoxiously forcing us to feed him a can of soft food daily by standing in our way, meowing, begging)
  • increased activity and restlessness (he’s been running around with Sally this week at night time)
  • aggressive or “cranky” behavior (hard to tell with Zeus)
  • a poor hair coat (the vet noticed he was missing hair behind both his ears)
  • a fast heart rate (yes, definitely since Friday anyway)
  • increased water drinking (not sure)
  • increased urination (he pees alot, loudly, and I even caught him using Sally’s litterbox a few days ago)
  • periodic vomiting (YES, but he vomits alot because of furrballs)
  • increased amount of stool or diarrhea (YES, but he has been eating way more)
  • occasionally difficulty breathing (YES, apparently this morning for the vet)
  • occasionally weakness
  • occasionally depression (he is always moody)

Source of symptoms list: