Zeus’ 3 week supply of prednisone will be up on Sunday so I called the vets office to let them know he was still alive and was doing well and ask if I should be picking up more pills.

The lady who answered spoke to the vet and called me back.

She said Zeus has to be on the pills for the rest of his life.

Then she asked how many pills I would like – 2 weeks?

Holy optimism 😉

I opted for a month’s worth. I don’t want to jinx him! He is acting completely healthy and normal. I have no idea what happens next though – will the tumor grow even with the prednisone? Will another one grow? Will it be organ failure? Will the prednisone be what kills him?

I’m going away for a few days to PEI and I’m so worried he’ll miss me and fade away before I get back. Jeff will be home and will give Zeus his daily pill.

I told Jeff he has to put me on the speaker phone so I can assure Zeus I’m coming back 🙂